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Home » Profile We Aquatic Chemicals are one of the leading companies established in 1991 and engaged in importing and supplying of fine Agro Organic Chemicals. We are providing a premium quality range of Agro Chemicals to our valued customers, which consist of Humic Acid, Potassium Humates, Seaweed Extract Powder, Seaweed Gel, Brassinolides - 90% Tech, Bio-Granules, Amino Acid Formulation (20%) - Soya Based, Nitrobenzene Based Flower Booster, etc. Our chemicals find application in different industries such as Agricultural, Construction. We have been catering across the world with 100% client satisfaction. Our endeavor is to import and supply reliable quality chemicals to our valued customers. We are strictly adhering to industrial standards to import and supply quality chemicals to our valued customers. The range of our chemical products is checked at the manufacturing end by our quality experts from possession of raw material to the final stage. This also ensures the uniformity & consistency of the quality of our final products. With the help of our expert team who are well versed with the latest technologies, we are able to import and supply chemical products in compositions required by our customers.

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We would like to introduce two of unique products in India, i.e. Humex high Potash grade with micronutrients and Seaweed Extract high potash grade with Micronutrients.
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Potassium Humate Flakes
Potassium Humate Flakes INR 0 INR 0 We are known worldwide as exporter of high quality Potassium Humate Flakes that is produced using best quality raw material. Potassium humate can be applied by drip, spray or soil treatment. Potassium humate flakes encourages the release of enzymes of plants and also increases growth of desirable yeast, algae and other micro-organisms. True 1484201023
Manufacturer Of DA-6 PGR Plant Growth Promoters
Manufacturer Of DA-6 PGR Plant Growth Promoters INR 1600 INR 1600 Manufacturer Of DA-6 PGR Plant Growth Promoters DA-6 is a broad spectrum and ground breaking effect of high plant growth promoter with high bio induced activities. It regulates the growth of plant and is the best additive for folair fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide and herbicide. It comes in 98% concentration. Direct usage – for foliar usage 10-15gms / Acre Fungicide mix – DA-6 have synergistic effect with the fungicide compound can raise efficiency above 30% and reduce dosages of fungicides up to 20-30% and tests proves that the use of DA-6 causes prevention of plant diseases caused by Fungi, bacteria, Viruses etc True 1480659767
Potassium Humate
Potassium Humate INR 0 INR 0 In order to meet the requirements of the clients, we are providing a wide array of Potassium Humate. The offered Potassium Humate is processed with supreme quality chemical compounds and advanced technology at our processing unit. Our offered Potassium Humate is rigorously checked by our on certain quality parameters according to the market norms. This Potassium Humate can also avail by the clients in seal packed options. Features: Eco-friendly Superior packaging Longer shelf life True 1484201180
Super Potassium Humate
Super Potassium Humate INR 45 INR 45 We are known worldwide as exporter of high quality Super Potassium Humate that is produced using best quality raw material. Potassium humate can be applied by drip, spray or soil treatment. Composition and Properties: Particulars Contents Appearance Shiny Crystals Colour Blakish Brown Odour Characteristic Solubility 100% Size 0.2-1mm Humic Acid (Dry Basis) 60.3% Potassium( K2O ) 10.5% Fulvic Acid 13.7% pH Value 9.8 Advantages Increases buffering Properties of Soil Acts as a organic catalyst Chelates metal ions under alkaline conditions Stimulates plant enzymes Improves blossom and fruit set. Increases root respiration and formation Thickens, enlarges and balances the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients. Helping plants to endure environmental stress. Promoting the development of shoots and roots & stimulates cell division, thereby improve the fruit size. Request Callback True 1484201096
Potassium Humate Crystal
Potassium Humate Crystal INR 0 INR 0 Aquaitc chemical provide Potassium Humate Crystal as well which is used in agriculture industry all over the world. Potassium Humate Crystal contains : 65% Humic Acid 10% Fulvic Acid 10% Potassium with 100% solubility. True 1484201230
Potassium Humate Powder
Potassium Humate Powder INR 0 INR 0 Aquatic Chemical is one of the well know name for the supply of Potassium Humate Powder and we have largest customer for Potassium Humate Powder. Appearance - Blackish Brown Fine Powder Humic Acid - 60-65% Potassium - 9-10% Solubility - 95% Min. True 1496476828
Organic Humic Acid Powder
Organic Humic Acid Powder INR 0 INR 0 Owing to its physical and chemical properties, our scope of Organic Humic Acid Powder has earned incredible thanks in the worldwide business. It has wide applications in the agrarian field to help diverse plant develop. These can be connected straightforwardly to the plant foliage in fluid structure or to the dirt as granules alone or as manure blend. Features: Effective Precise pH Superior shelf life True 1496476913
Organic Seaweed Extract Plus
Organic Seaweed Extract Plus INR 0 INR 0 We are one of the well-known exporter and manufacturer of Seaweed Extract Based Organic Fertilizer Input for manufacturer of various organic Fertilizer formulations. The offered seaweed extract powder is prepared by the remains of macroscopic and multicellular algae, which lives in the seabed along with natural animal origin products. Our offered seaweed based organic fertilizer input is very useful for improving the fertility of the agricultural soil. The offered product is available at very affordable rates. Features: Perfect fertilizing effects Quick action Easy to disperse True 1496477020
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